Personal Growth – A Worthwhile Way To Make Money

I want to share with you a story about how, when, and why my life changed dramatically.

As a beginning it would be truthful to say that the family financial position was worse than bad.

My wife and me were working harder and longer than ever before and still we were falling behind. Hope was relegated to its base form – a mere word. None of the light normally emanating from it was to be seen or felt in our home. Emotions were strained, high-pitched, and something akin to despair was creeping into our lives.

Then a little over a year ago I started a home-based business. And it`s been such a worthwhile way to make money. I`m not sure I could ever effectively explain the immense scope of how it has worked its transformations on us.

In the short time since starting wonderful things have happened. For both me and my family. You see the industry I found my way to, or should I say finally found its way to us, was Network Marketing. Its umbrella title is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

Another name which I prefer is Relationship Marketing. It is allowing me more time spent meaningfully with my family and – more time to write. For I at the root of me, bad or good, am a writer.

I believe I know what most of you are probably thinking right now: Here we go! Crazy man. Writer gone overboard – let him drown; especially those of you whose loved ones and friends and extended family have dragged you out to share the information on a “new” and “incredible way” to make extra money; only to find out again you had to buy inventory and sell to your family and friends things they most likely didn’t want. Or couldn’t afford. (But you gave in to buying anyway just to support them, even though it was another one of their hare-brained get-rich-quick schemes).

Or maybe you were forthright and said after the meeting: “If that’s really what you want, go for it. But I’m not interested in… ?” (here you can pick the example product or business you were asked to buy into) – believe me. I know how you feel. I’ve gone to a few in my days and I felt exactly the same way.

(By the way, awesome if you “got it” and already are a successful network marketer. Incredible, isn’t it?).

There was one other MLM business I almost got involved with. This was about ten years ago. It kinda’ made sense. It was: shop your weekly shop online and get it delivered to your door. I thought that was a cool and convenient way to get food. And, save on gasoline.

(Even better still, save time not standing in line behind a person rummaging in purse or pocket for exact change). Until I found out that I had to sell to people I knew (the food thing of course, not the exact change people).

And here was where my personal challenge kicked in. And still insists today: the phone magically begins to weigh the world, the keys won’t press, and my throat clogs whenever I have to ask anyone I know for a huge favour – or worst still, to buy something from me.

It’s a weird fear I have. I don’t know why I have it. It makes no sense. I’ve acted in countless theatre productions, been a professional musician, given lectures, stood speaking coherently (at least I think coherently) in front of hundreds of people, yet I can’t sell.

You see I am not a salesperson. I’ve always known that. I can’t close. Couldn’t learn it. So never will experience it.

And there you have it . An open book for all to read. Do your best with my weakness.

Though I truly believe it is actually my strength. (More on that later).

You see, the power of duplication, the compound effect of leveraging a “selling” force to build a huge distribution network was powerfully magnetic.

Can you imagine it – total financial independence due to a residual/passive income – work when you want, wherever you want! I loved that part.

But still the numerous businesses being offered never hooked me. I couldn’t believe deeply in any of them.

And that was definitely what I needed to overcome fear – a deep-seated faith in what I was sharing. Because that is where the relationship part unloads itself on you. So you’d  better have passion for what you do. And what you’re offering. Selling “stuff'” to my mom and dad on a fixed income was not going to happen.

And then an amazing thing happened.

My brother- and sister-in-law introduced me to a way to monetize without selling. Duplicate a sales force without asking loved ones to spend what they didn’t want to spend or didn’t have – simply put: re-direct their spending on that which was essential to life in today’s world.

I was shown how to leverage a massive distribution business without the traditional headaches of business. Incredible, eh! My own business for myself, fully supported, but with no overhead. Zero. Zip. None if I didn’t want.

No lawyers. No employees. No inventory. No accountants. No utility bills. No insurance on – well, you name it.

And if ever there was a plus, this is it – no collecting taxes for the taxman.

All energy draining and stressful stuff, wouldn’t you agree? My business has none of that.

And here was my life-changing moment – this “way” to make money was really a personal growth program with a compensation plan attached. But the really astounding thing about it is – it’s not new.

In fact it’s the oldest form of selling: Direct Selling. An extension of the barter system: I give you eggs – you give me corn. I help you – you help me. Cool, eh. Everything old gets new again (or, comes back to haunt you).

Direct Selling. Now that’s a cost effective way to sell. Cut out the huge marketing and advertising expense, get paid, and help people save money. 

So here you must be thinking: Here we go again! Crazy man at it. And he’s a con artist, too. His profile says he’s a writer. Inferred he wasn’t going to sell me anything, and here he is selling.

And do you know what? You’re right! I am going to sell you. And this is what I’m going to sell:

          Get on a personal growth program if you are not already on one. It doesn’t matter how or with whom or where. It just matters that – you do!

Find passion once again. A white-hot desire to change your life. It will pay you more than anything else. It’s the old way – the new way.

So what is the worthwhile way to make money? Become a better person and help others.

So this blog post will be dedicated to personal growth. Inspiring and helping people get on, stay on, or re-start their own personal growth program. It will be interactive and inherently depend on that interactivity to be effective.

Together we will build a community and help each other achieve our full human potential – How? By doing what is stated above. With a servant’s heart, not the arrogance of entitlement.

This site will be open to all in our Global Village. And will prejudice none.

Therefore I propose and boldly steal from The Three Musketeers the Mission Statement: All for one and one for all – in the world!

To start off the interaction all I’m asking you to do is: list your top 3 personal growth books and forward them to this post with your reasons why they are your favourites.

(A gentle reminder: as Chris Brogan, Social Media Consultant and selfless Social Media Growth Coach was reminded by his wife: Editing is manners).

So, tell quickly why? (3 brief sentences) you picked those particular books and how? (3 brief sentences) they helped you build towards your personal potential.

Thank you for your valuable time and commitment to personal improvement.

All the best to you and yours,

Terry, Deborah and Kassandra McDonald (as James Cameron, environmental activist and film director puts it – Citizens of Earth) from Port Credit and Beeton, Ontario, Canada.

Here’s my book offerings:

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”

Mr. Hill is considered the modern personal growth master. He interviewed a large percentage of the 20th Century Industry’s giants and tapped into their secret to success. In this book he offers that secret to all who are ready for it. The cost to getting this secret?: the investment of the time it will take you to read the book.

George Zalucki’s “Straight Talk.”

Mr. Zalucki is one of the most successful network marketers in the history of MLM. But his passion is helping people by pointing out that you are what you think. In the spirit of Napoleon Hill’s above-listed book, George takes you step by step through personal improvement (your own responsibility) into a personal future of total financial independence.

Karen Armstrong’s “History of God.”

This book led me to believe that the “image” of the monotheistic God, in fact all godhead images, are “man made”; and that the Informing Power of the Universe behind those images – the mystery – is what is important and undeniable).

P.S. It’s okay if your book is listed by someone else. Eventually we will compile a top 100 list in a sort of democratic way. The ones most mentioned get top billing etc.. It’s most likely been done before but maybe this process as a community will engender startingly new insights. Let’s hope – for Hope rides Eternal.

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